2008 Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon

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Each vintage, Heritage Release Cabernet Sauvignon (formerly called Anniversary) is selected from the nest grapes on the La Jota vineyard estate on Howell Mountain. In 2008, our Winemaker, Chris Carpenter, chose Meadow Blocks 3 and 4. Block 4 again makes an appearance in the 2008 Heritage blend as it continues to show the characteristics and consistent quality that dene the La Jota vineyards. Supplementing those characters and adding another layer of complexity and quality, Chris also included Block 3. Both of these Meadow blocks ripened and were picked within a day of each other and developed in tandem throughout the aging process.

“On the palate, the 2008 Heritage Release Cabernet Sauvignon has rich tannins, espresso bean, and dark fruit with Howell Mountain herbal characteristics, and great minerality.”
Christopher Carpenter, Winemaker

Limited Availability
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